Beach Photography: Grab this Guide and Take Great Shots(second)

Learn how to enhance your beach photographs with this all-encompassing guide to beach photography.

Straight out of the camera, the exposure and contrast are alright. If the exposure was too low or too high, you could easily adjust it using the Exposure slider. You could also easily boost the contrast using the Contrast slider. If the sky is too blown out, you can drag the Highlight slider to the left. If the shadows are too dark, you can drag the Shadow slider to the right.

Now that you have a good base, you can start to play around with filters.

The AI Landscape Enhancer filter instantly improves color, tone, depth, and detail. The screenshot above shows the slider pulled up to 65%, but you can increase or decrease this based on your preferences. With a simple click, the colors instantly begin to pop.

Another good filter for landscapes is the Mystic Land filter. You can see that the initial photograph could use a bit more contrast and detail. The Mystic Land filter doesn’t add as much saturation and color as the AI Landscape Enhancer, but it does add the perfect amount of contrast and sharpness.

This photograph was taken on an overcast day in the middle of the afternoon. By using the Warm Sunset filter, you can instantly make your landscape look as if it was taken right before sunset. The original photograph was very cool toned. With one click, the Warm Sunset filter makes the landscape pop and adds in some beautiful warm, purple tones.

If you’re looking for more of a basic adjustment, check the Essentials category. With these basic filters, you can easily adjust contrast, sharpness, and color. Here you can see the Sky Enhancer filter in use. This filter adds depth to the sky, creating an even more moody look overall. The contrast is also gently boosted.

Sometimes a classic black and white photograph is what you’re looking for. Luminar has a handful of different monochrome filters. The Mono filter is shown here. The Mono filter adds a stunning, almost otherworldly effect to the landscape. The Classic B&W filter adds slightly less depth and contrast.

Regardless of what you aspire to do with your photographs, Luminar 3 has a filter that can help you. The ability to adjust the intensity of each filter as well as the ability to further adjust the image in the editing panel means you can get perfect results every time. Try Luminar now to get consistently beautiful photographs!

Mastering beach portraits

Maybe you’re more interested in lifestyle portraits and don’t mind the beach being covered in tourists. Perhaps a bright, sunny day is exactly what you’re aiming for. A beach photo shoot during your vacation can leave you with wonderful memories you’ll cherish for years. However, harsh midday sun can be difficult to work with.

Enhance your beach photography: shoot away from the sun

If you’ve ever tried to take a beach portrait directly into the sun, you’ll know that your subject ends up underexposed while the background is horribly overexposed. This is especially true in summer when the sun is bright and harsh. To avoid this, be sure that the sun is always in front of your subject. If the subject is still too dark, you can always use a fill flash to add light to your subject’s face. When shooting in RAW, you’ll be able to adjust the highlights and shadows later.

Taking beach photos of children, couples, and families

It’s difficult to get children to stop moving, so a sunny day at the beach is the perfect time to take beautiful beach portraits. The excess of sunlight allows you to shoot with fast shutter speed, making it easier to freeze motion.

Family beach photos are fun on the shore. Instead of simply posing your subjects as you would in a studio, you can show them truly interacting with each other. Family photography at the beach allows your subjects to show off their playful side. The parents can be holding hands strolling down the beach while the children build a sand castle. Siblings can be splashing water at each other while their parents share a kiss. Everyone can be involved in finding seashells and playing in the waves.

A beach photoshoot allows everyone in the family to be carefree and let their true selves shine. The same is true for couples photography. Get your subjects to run down the beach, jump up and down, and throw sand in the air.

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