The Best Tool for Vlogging- Ring Light

18 inch ring light


Ring lights have become an integral part of many YouTube setups. Do you know how to get ultimate video quality for Vlog like your favorite Vloggers? Most of the makeup tutorial makers and Vloggers use ring light for basic lighting setup. Ring Lights create a halo of light around the object to develop shadowless images.

The use of Ring Light for Vlogging
Either you are a makeup tutorial Vlogger or want to Vlog about product reviews, perfect lighting is must for every setup. Typical lights don’t help much in Vlogging as the video looks pretty creepy due to uneven light distribution.

What is a Ring Light?
If you are a new Vlogger, you can consider the Ring Light as a flashlight that is mounted in a ring. The Camera or phone is placed in the center of the Ring Light to attain shadowless lighting. There are different sizes of Ring Lights for different types of photography purposes. Smaller Ring Lights are used for mobile Vlogging and there are larger Ring Lights too for professionals.

Why Use Ring Light?
The LEDs in Ring Light produce equally distributed rays that generate a magical ring effect in the subject’s eyes. As compared to typical studio lights and flashguns, the light of Ring Light is distributed all over the subject, highlighting the details.

Mostly flashguns are used above the Camera, causing a harsh shadow on the object. With 360-Degree coverage, the shadow is negligible in the case of Ring Light. In Vlogging, you need to cover every angle of the subject for and Ring Light is the best tool for 360 lightings for Vlogging.

How to Use Ring Light for Vlogging?
Ring Light is a very simple to use product. You don’t need to worry about any technical settings. There are different lighting modes in Ring Light that you can set with the press of a button. The use of studio light and the light gun is quite complicated, and most Vloggers find it frustrating.

If you want the best outcome while using a Ring Light, here are simple yet useful tips:

Fix Ring Light at Right Position

If you have a mini Ring Light, you can place your phone in the center of the ring. In case of professional ring lights, the product comes with screw mounts that you can fix on your tripod. Make sure that your camera is fixed at the center of the Ring Light for even distribution of the light.
Adjust the Angle of Light

Different types of Vlogs need diverse lighting. If you are doing a live session or makeup tutorial, make sure that the Ring Light is directed towards your face. For product reviews, you need close-ups of your subjects, and the light source must be close to the product.

Maintain the Distance from the Subject
The intensity of the light is a critical factor in Vlogging. Placement of the lighting source must be changed based on Vlogging purpose. If you want to use Ring Light as the sole lighting source, you can place the camera in the center of the ring, but you can direct the ring light towards the umbrella too.

Light Intensity Settings
There are several modes for the light intensity. If you want softer light, you can place the source close to the subject but try to use low intensity light mode. If you want a detailed and clear view, you can use high-intensity mode depending upon the requirements.

Benefits of Ring Light
In 2019, Ring Light is one of the most important accessories of every Vlogger’s tool kit. Along with expensive lens and cameras, this little tool can add a lot of value to the Vlogging. Here are the benefits of Ring Lights and why you need to use for your next Vlog.

Portable Light Source for Indoor and Outdoor Vlogging

Most makeup artists purely use ring light setup to produce improved images and video quality. In makeup tutorials, the lighting setup is the most critical factor. Even light of ring lights helps a lot to clarify all the little details of your tutorial. If you are a travel Vlogger and want to Vlog in the night, ring light is the best tool. You don’t need to worry about long wires, its plug and play product.

Improve Video Quality of Vlogs with Ring Light
When you are filming any object or someone’s face for a makeup tutorial, ring light always prove to be the best tool. To achieve the shadowless image and good focused video quality, place ring light in front of the person and set the intensity of view according to your requirements.

Budget-Friendly Lighting Setup for Vlogging
Vlogging is the hottest niche on YouTube right now. Vloggers have millions of subscribers and regularly creating content for the audience. These setups can cost hundreds of dollars if you don’t know how to keep things under your budget.
You can quickly get professional level lighting arrangements by using a ring light. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive lights and other lighting equipment.

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