UBeesize tripod S – The best photography partner

I bought the UBeesize phone tripod S a few months ago. As always, I only share products here with you which I absolutely love and would totally recommend to you. of course, the time has come to mention the best tripod mount which I have been using non-stop for my mobile photography and live-streaming content since I received it.

This is the UBeesize 11-inch Tripod with Phone Holder Mount for Streaming Live Video. UBeesize are a super popular brand in the live-streaming world. I have mentioned them before here when I shared my love for this mobile selfie ring light recently. I love how strong this tripod mount is and yet light enough to carry around in my handbag on a daily basis.

As it’s a universal mount I use it with my various devices and it worked perfectly with my iPhone X and also when I recently tried out the BlackBerry KeyOne. The legs are also bendy so you can literally use it for live-streaming or taking your mobile photos for Snapchat or Instagram Stories anywhere. I tend to even carry it around when I’m walking and live-streaming on Periscope as it gives my content that ‘selfie-stick’ effect without actually having any awkward selfie stick.

If you are going to be streaming or photographing something where you need to hold the phone steady, this mount will help avoid any shakiness and improve the stabilization. Read More