6. Change Your Perspective

When using a phone camera, it’s easy to get in the habit of always holding your phone in front of you with outstretched arms and snapping photos from head height. But phones are so small and light that you can easily mix things up and shoot from just about any perspective. Try changing your viewpoint by taking photos from a bird’s-eye view or worm’s-eye view. Or, you can shoot from the hip. You can also try getting really close to your subject—as close as your phone will allow while still being able to focus.

7. Add Camera Accessories

There are quite a few add-ons for phone cameras that can help you achieve a certain creative element that you’re trying to capture. For example, if you want to take longer exposures of a beautiful stream in order to blur the movement of water, you’ll need a mini tripod to stabilize your camera. Another option is to add lenses to your phone so you can take fish-eye, macro and wide-angle photos.

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8. Edit Your Photos

A little photo editing can go a long way toward improving your photos. Most default camera apps that come on smartphones allow some level of editing, but by downloading a third-party app like Snapseed (iPhone or Android) or Adobe Lightroom CC (iPhone or Android) you get a lot more control. Apps like these allow you to adjust brightness, tweak contrast, boost saturation, apply filters, sharpen fuzzy images and a whole lot more. Most of them also have auto adjustments that make it really quick and easy to edit photos.

9. Add Motion

If you’re struggling to capture the grandeur of the scene around you with a still photo, try playing around with time-lapse, slo-mo and video. These come standard on most phone camera apps and can be a fun and beautiful way to capture things like moving water, the setting sun or your friend goofing around on the trail.

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