The Most Popular Photography Genres(1)

Review the classic photography types and take a look into photography’s future to find out the key photography trends in 2019.

What is photography?
From the creative perspective, photography is the art of capturing the moments of a lifetime and replicating them digitally or on paper. From the technical perspective, photography is the art of recording light or electromagnetic radiation, either digitally using an image sensor or chemically using a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

Snapping a photograph has become second nature. With powerful cameras now built into smartphones, taking an outstanding image has become less about skill and more about utility. We take photos of things we want to remember: weddings, vacations, and even breakfast. This has caused photography to evolve as photographers discover new techniques and reach new heights. With various devices and lenses, we explore different types of photography and invent new ones we couldn’t have dreamed of before.

The main types of photography
Whether it’s eye-catching documentary shots or breathtaking fairy-tale pictures, one thing is clear – we can’t stop admiring the incredibly diverse world of photography. Although there are endless ways to create a picture, photographers tend to focus on one or two types of photography in their portfolios. That way, they develop their own techniques and define their own style. We’re going to discuss different types of photography, pointing out traditional genres as well as contemporary.

Macro Photography
Black and white Photography
Interior Photography
Dance Photography
Landscape Photography
Documentary Photography
Composite Photography
Infrared Photography
Food Photography
Fairy-tale Photography
Film Photography
Portrait Photography
Fashion Photography
Commercial Photography
Wedding Photography
Underwater Photography
Water drop Photography
Scientific Photography
Sports Photography
Still life Photography
Architecture Photography
Drone Photography
Social and environmental Photography
Candid Photography
Animal Photography
Vertical Photography
Outdoor Photography
Product Photography

Macro photography
Macro photography reveals small details that we can’t see with our eyes. Subjects of macro photography often include tiny bugs, birds, and plants. Macro shooting allows us to see the fantastic colors and characteristics of exotic insects. Once you own a macro lens, you can shoot your own macro pictures. Try out Tamron lenses, available for Nikon and Canon cameras. Alternatively, you can use affordable macro attachments for your smartphone.

Black and white photography
These days, black and white photos are reinventing a photographic tradition. Shooting in black and white is now a stylistic choice rather than a technical limitation, and photographers use it to add drama to their compositions. When taking a photograph in black and white, pay attention to contrast; the shadows should be defined, while extreme tones should appear crisp and clean. For more insight on capturing bold and beautiful shadows, check out our post on black and white photography.

Interior photography
Photographing interior spaces can seem daunting to people who aren’t familiar with the techniques. There are many reasons why interior photography is challenging, including not being able to fit the scene into your frame, bad lighting, and perhaps most importantly, not being able to capture the scene realistically. But photographing interiors of buildings is simple if you master the art of interior HDR photography. Professional photographer Tyson Robichaud explains how to get perfect interior HDR images using Aurora HDR 2019. And if you don’t have the time to take multiple exposures, Luminar is the best photo editing software for giving your single-exposure images HDR effects.

Dance photography
With a camera, you have the power to freeze any moment you like. Why not capture the beauty of a dance? But photographing dancing is tricky. Snapping a dancer, especially in mid-air, is a split-second maneuver. So set a fast shutter speed and consider the best angle. Dance is more than just body movement, so be sure to capture a dancer’s face to get the essence of their performance.

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The most popular photography genres(2)

The most popular photography genres(3)

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